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How To Wear All Natural Black Hair

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Well it?s not our fault really ? natural black hair is different from white hair. It looks different, feels different and hence needs to be treated differently. However, most of us are ill-informed about how to deal with this difference ? so we will try to change it and make it conform to white hair ? which is more manageable and apparently looks better. We just don?t give our natural hair a chance.

However, it is possible to wear your natural hair and wear it great! All it needs is a shift in perspective and understanding. Natural black hair is by no means unappealing. It just requires a different natural hair care routine. Once you know how to treat your hair right ? you will have no trouble wearing it the way it is. Most of all ? imagine the kind of money you would save not having to go to the salon every week or buying expensive products that aren?t even right for your hair. Add to this the freedom of wearing YOUR hair ? the way it is.

All this seems very nice ? you might say ? but how do you start? Where are you going to learn how to take care of your natural hair? Well, seek and thou shall find. There are a host of natural hair websites that are made for natural black hair and by women who have natural black curly hair. Everything you need to understand, nurture and grow great natural black hair is on these websites. They will offer you tips, tricks, product reviews, hairstyles and all the support you would require to go all natural.

Now you might think

there are scores of websites though ? all offering the same old advice, which we?ve heard all along. But there is a basic difference between advice for white hair and natural black hair. What works for their hair will not work for yours. Your hair needs different natural hair care in terms of its characteristic and what products or treatments will suit it. And no one can know this difference apart from other women like you.

What makes these websites trustworthy is that they?ve been started by women who?ve decided to opt for natural black hair over straightened, relaxed and ?faked? white hair. So these websites are an ideal one stop shop for first-hand advice on what really works for natural hair and what doesn?t. You?ll also be surprised at the kind of myths that will get busted as you find your way to great looking natural hair.

The final question ? is it worth it? Well wouldn?t you want to know what it feels like to just jump in the shower, wash your hair and be done with it? Wearing and being able to accept your hair for what it is can give you a sense of freedom that is very precious. If that freedom isn?t worth anything, then I don?t know what is.

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